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September 10th, 2019 by

Tasos Voreas is a professional calisthenics athlete and trainer. A Greek born in 20th January 1987 and raised in Athens. From a young age he was flirting with a healthy lifestyle and different sports. After his studies in NTUA as surveying engineer and while he had already adopted a calisthenics based training method for a while, he wanted to share his excitement and results on public so he was the co-founder of Greek calisthenics movement in 2012. Since then his team is constantly promoting calisthenics in major TV channels and magazines in Greece and Cyprus, giving seminars, workshops and live shows. As a trainer Tasos has shared his techniques with many clients from different levels of skills. Lately he is also following a natural intermittent fasting diet keeping an eye on his calories and macros intake for maximising his calisthenics performance.


September 10th, 2019 by

Several years ago Dimitris Giampouras started training exclusively with calisthenics after spending years of weight training as well as other sports like martial arts and track and fields. Since then, he has become a professional expert at studying and developing methods of progressive strength training using exclusively one’s own bodyweight. In an attempt to share his passion with others he co-founded Greek Calisthenics Movement at 2012 and since then he has trained hundreds of individuals in the art of calisthenics. Dimitris will be sharing his skills knowledge and expertise through the calisthenics movement programs.