Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you may find common questions that concern new athletes on calisthenics, as well as, their respective answers.

  • Will I get a six-pack with your program?

    Our primary goal is for you to get super strong and functional core. Six pack will come along the way if you have a low body fat to make those abs visible.

  • Is your training program suitable for burning fat and gaining muscle?

    Training with calisthenics is going to boost your metabolism. Our program focuses on getting pure strength. In addition, this is also going to lead to muscle tone and increase your calories needs. Since our programs are purely body weight, low body fat percentages are essential for advancing into difficult exercises. If you want to lose fat faster and more efficiently you will have to watch your diet also. On the other hand to gain muscle you need to be on a calorie surplus. By subscribing you will get useful advice on how to do that. Moreover, you will have a useful tool for calculating your calories needs and tracking your progress.

  • Can I workout at home or the office?

    You can workout anywhere with calisthenics. Although some minimum equipment will help you advance faster and do more exercises(gymnastic rings and exercises on the floor will let you train 90% of our workouts), it is not necessary to have it because we have alot of exercises you can perform on the floor or with everyday objects you have in your home. Always keep in mind though to workout in a safe environment.

  • Is this suitable for women? Is there any age limitation?

    Calisthenics is suitable for anyone in every age. In addition, women will get a balanced, natural and toned body with the proper diet.

  • Can I workout while having a health problem?

    Of course! In fact, most of the beginner calisthenics athletes are using the exercises for rehabilitation or a health problem. So training low level calisthenic exercises with correct technique will help you overcome your injuries. This doesn’t mean that you should procide without advising your physician first. We don’t take any responsibility for injuries that occurred by not following your doctors advice or ours.

  • Is it possible to get injured?

    As with any other sport or training method, if you are not careful, you can get injured. With calisthenics though this risk is minimum, especially if you progress wisely and follow the instructions provided in our videos. Always workout in a safe environment with proper warm-up and follow your doctor’s advice.

  • How fast am I going to perform calisthenic tricks?

    You can perform even the most advanced calisthenic tricks! That depends on many factors though, such as age, height, weight, genetics, previous fitness level, etc. Most important is that you master progression exercises with no rash so you can eliminate injuries.

  • Is calisthenics suitable for me?

    We developed this program in a way that will guide you to progress step by step. Soon you will transition from completely amateur to pro.

  • I’m over weight, do I have to lose weight first?

    NO YOU DON’T. In fact training with calisthenics will help you lose weight. In the beginning it might seem more difficult to advance on the programs due to extra pounds but you will get here eventually. So it is best to start training with calisthenics while starting a diet. Like this, you don’t only maintain but also built more muscle mass while losing only fat.

  • Do you offer refund? How can I cancel my subscription?

    No refunds will be issued for any reason to protect our content. All sales are final.
    To cancel your subscriptions and automatic payments you have to go to your account and then subscriptions and cancel it from there. You will be able to use your account as normal until expiration date .